A full mountain and nature experience for groups

Multi-day program (2-3 or more)

We design the programs to suit you, depending on the age of the students and the activities you want to do.

We adjust the educational objectives to your preferences and educational lines of the school, grouping them commonly in three sections:

– Environmental education objectives

– Sports goals

– Relational and self-knowledge objectives

Here is an example of the objectives for a 4-day program:

Prices to be agreed according to group. Write us!

One-day programs

We can choose an activity to carry out according to the topics you consider most important at the time of the school year and the age of the students.

Examples: environmental education routes focused on geology, fauna, flora, water cycle…. or canyoning, multi adventure with climbing, abseiling, etc.

Contact us and we design the plan to suit you.

Objetivos Educativos de nuestras Actividades Escolares

Educational Objectives of our School Activities: Objetivos Educativos – Actividades Escolares Proyectoakua

– Sports goals

– Environmental education objectives

– Partnership goals

Contact with us and explore the Pyrenees & Sierra de Guara

We will sort out any questions about the activities, meeting points, schedules, equipment,etc. We want to offer you activities according with your technical skills, phisical condition, and above all, with your preferences and expectations. Let´s go have fun! info@proyectoakua.com

Where we are

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