One day routes to interpret the landscape and life in nature

Aimed to all nature lovers who want to discover and learn about wildlife and geology. Friends, families, and activities for schools, institutes, etc.

How do we do environmental education?

There are many activities that will allow us to experience nature and to enjoy the curiosity to learn about it.

In fact, all mountain activities, from our philosophy, involve an important part of what we call environmental education, that is, transmitting all the values of nature conservation, identifying the impacts that humans make, and finding ideas and solutions to minimize them.


Environmental education activities

    • Interpreted routes
    • Fauna and flora workshops
    • Workshops and dynamics on the life cycle
    • Recycling and art workshops to “reuse”
    • Visits to Supplementary Feeding Areas for vultures
    • Ornithological routes for the observation of different species
    • Bird banding


We design and customize the activities according to your educational goals

Due to the great variety of possibilities that we have in these activities, we prefer a direct and personalized contact with you and thus we can design an activity or program of activities along with your expectations and objectives.

* Prices to consult.

Contact with us and explore the Pyrenees & Sierra de Guara

We will sort out any questions about the activities, meeting points, schedules, equipment,etc. We want to offer you activities according with your technical skills, phisical condition, and above all, with your preferences and expectations. Let´s have fun!

Where we are

Carretera Alquezar s/n, Colungo, 22148
(+34) 686 215 913
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